Response to Literature #2 Shooting an Elephant

In the narrative “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell, Orwell’s belief is that all issues are political, but throughout the story there were many situations that were non-political and some that even went beyond that. The expectations of the crowd the narrator rallied up are non-political dilemmas that the narrator had to confront. As the … Continue reading Response to Literature #2 Shooting an Elephant

About Me

I love sports & I am really into them. My Dream is to become a Vet/Triathlete. Right now i work many positions at a restaurant. On my free time i play soccer & go out with my friends. Im in this class because its required for me to transfer to a UC. My goals in … Continue reading About Me

Governmental Depression

In Tillie Olsen’s narrative, “I Stand Here Ironing,”, through historical events and social conditions, the attitude displayed to governmental assistance was heart-rending and hopeless. Living in the world of depression, there was never any help that anyone could receive at that moment in time, but when it was finally offered it was rated very poorly.The author thought that … Continue reading Governmental Depression